A smiling woman wearing a black turtleneck and jeans, in a business portrait.


Professionalism with personality.

A man standing in front of a luxurious house with plants, captured by Dena Rafte Photography in Houston, Texas.

Personal Branding

Tell your personal story.

A group of people from our posing for a family portrait in a kitchen from our photography portfolio

Family Photography

Holding a moment in time, forever.

Two young women posing for a professional photographer, for their portfolio in front of a palm tree.

Senior Photography

Let’s capture your biggest year yet!

A woman from our photography portfolio in a blue dress sitting on a white couch, posing for a luxury portrait.

Female Photography

From the lens of a storyteller.

A woman in a blue luxury dress sitting on a chair.

Female Photography

From the lens of a storyteller.

I have always found that when people are comfortable, they show their emotions, and with that, the pictures become fascinating. Making a connection with you and bringing out that part of you that perhaps you have not seen in years is my responsibility. These photo shoots can be transformational in many respects. I did a shoot for myself and I experienced the same jitters of which many of my clients talk. I was frankly afraid of what I might see. Would I look old and frumpy? Would I dislike what was captured? On the contrary, I was so happy with what I saw. More importantly, I felt super confident and powerful. I had a sense of freedom that I wished I could have bottled. Confidence, empowerment, celebration… it truly was an amazing experience that I hope all women will gift themselves. We are so worth it.

In some ways, photography is “a slip of the hand” or maybe a turn of the body. Light and angles are everything and Photoshop used in a responsible manner can also help. We work with all body types and sizes. We will help with clothing selections and our make-up artist is amazing. If we can capture your energy and passion in the best possible light, everything else will follow. And, a charismatic, genuine smile outshines all.

Relax, we can start with what you have or what we have in the studio. During our styling session, we will consider the colors and styles that you might enjoy. We might even get you to consider a new look or two. Depending on the type of shoot you do, you will have between two and five costume changes. No worries, we've got you covered!

Absolutely! We shoot in our studio, outside, at your home, and in your office. We will shoot wherever you need us to be. We are happy to discuss specifics with you.

We can and have accommodated requests for multiple portfolio services in the past. Often, we break the production into different sessions, but we can certainly take the different genres and meet your needs.

Our sitting fees range from $690 to $3500.00 depending on the nature of the shoot. The fee includes 1) the actual shoot, 2) the planning/styling session, 4) professional make-up/hair styling or male grooming services if applicable, 3) a personal photo review session, and 4) a $500 – $3000 print credit (depending on the shoot type). Additional prints/digital images can be purchased individually or as part of a package, album selection or wall art collection. The actual amount that you spend is up to you. Most of our clients spend between $690 and $5000. Some spend more.

Our goal is to create something for you and/or your family that will be truly meaningful for future generations. The best way that we know to do that is to get to know you. We spend a great deal of time with my clients working to understand what is important to them, and it comes through in our pictures. I feel certain that you will love your photos and those that you are closest to will love them, too. We will make memories that will be a proud part of your family legacy.

We are conveniently located in our own free-standing house in Houston Heights. Our street address is 212 Aurora, Houston, Texas 77008.

Please fill out the contact sheet. Or, give us a call or text at 713-907-1875. We would like the opportunity to speak with you and better understand your specific needs. In that way, we will be able to deliver a truly customized experience that you will truly enjoy and cherish.

Prior to the day of your shoot, we will have a telephone conversation or an in person meeting to talk about the things that you are wanting to capture during the shoot. We will talk in detail about clothing, colors, coordination, and style. Our studio wardrobe is available to you to augment your own pieces. We are happy to help with individual clothing selection and, if desired, we can have a professional stylist assist you.

Reveal of images for selection purposes should be within a three day period. Once selections are made, we would ask for two weeks but images can be expedited if needed.

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