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All portrait photography is about YOU, but personal branding, especially when captured by a professional personal branding photographer, is about letting your personality shine so you can tell your story, whether it's professional or personal.

High energy personal branding photography

Dena is direct, super-engaging, and always manages to bring out a bit of each client’s personality.
Tell your story, let’s create your personal brand.

Your Trusted Houston Personal Branding Photographer

Dena evokes and captures real photogenic moments. This has nothing to do with physical attributes, and everything to do with a person letting their emotions and personality shine. It’s about discovering the person in the photograph, the depth and color of their story, and the energy they share with the world.

Branding Photography

Building a personal brand is about telling your story. Sharing a perspective that the world needs to see, and even sometimes we, the photographed, need to see. Let’s book an appointment to discuss how to tell your personal story.

Good personal branding photography should build off the things that are unique to the individual. We work on the front end to plan an approach to the shoot. Thinking about where they frequent, their hobbies and interests, and their work and passion.

For example: An attorney who is an avid cyclist, has a beautiful leather bag, a road bike, and a charming smile. We create more than just pretty pictures, we find ways to represent a person visually.

A woman in scrubs sitting on a chair for a personal brand photography session.


Dena is a rigorous photographer who is always exploring new ideas to get the best angles and expressions from her photo objects. Dena did a great job when I needed photo images of myself for an article on my legal profession. She was very patient, and she made me feel as comfortable and casual in front of the lens. This is a hard job, particularly for someone who is not a model or is not familiar with posing and being photographed. The result was very fresh and transparent, and I believe it reflected an accurate version of me. I recommend to anyone interested in a clear crystal photo shoot to contact Dena, you will enjoy working with her and the end results.

Manuel S.

Helping People Tell Their Story

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