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Dena loves telling stories through female portrait photography, and helping women see a new, empowering perspective of themselves.


For the women who deserve to be photographed, who deserve to see themselves as powerful and capable.


Dena loves helping you explore the story you are ready to tell at this time in your life. Dena is a mother, a past executive who is no stranger to balancing life and work, and now drawn in by passion, she finds herself exploring the colorful stories that the women in the Houston area have to share. Let's tell your story.

Female Portrait Photography


Female portraits, female personal branding, and female story-telling are keen interests to Dena Rafte. She has a beautiful story, an empowering one. Now she shares the art of perspective, of helping someone see how amazing they are, she shares that gift with the people she works with.

Push your Boundaries, Love Yourself

Feel the confidence generated from knowing your power, seeing your beauty, and allowing yourself the freedom to pose and be vulnerable. While Dena doesn't explicitly work in Boudoir photography, she loves to incorporate elements of provocative female photography with a focus on helping the photographed see themselves in an empowering light.

A woman in a leather jacket, captured in a female portrait headshot by Dena Rafte Photography in Houston, Texas, exuding luxury and a captivating portrait.


Photos Of Elizabeth For Her Review of Rafte Photography in Houston Texas

Dena Rafte…best photography ever!

Dena has done an incredible job for our holiday family photos, our daughter’s portraits and photos for my husband’s judicial campaign. But when it came to my personal photo session as a Christmas gift for my husband, I was a little nervous. Within a few minutes, I was having a blast! I felt relaxed, confident, strong and a bit sexy! She thinks out of the box and has an incredible way of bringing out the best in her clients! Dena doesn’t just take photos, she creates memories.

Elizabeth H.

Photos From the Haug Photo Session Of Houston Executive Displayed Beside Her Review

My photography session was like a butterfly coming out of a chrysalis

My 50th!! Half a century and so much to document? Wear and Tear? Through Dena’s coaching I jumped right into one of my most memorable experiences. My photography session was like a butterfly coming out of a chrysalis. Despite apprehension of my critical eye, I found it to be fun, liberating, empowering of my femaleness and time in life. I loved it and loved what I saw. Dena truly captured who I was beyond the make-up and dresses. She bottled some of my essence and that was the best 50th birthday gift. Thank you!!

Karen H.

Four professional headshot pictures of a woman in a wheelchair.

Dena is a master at her craft and I’m convinced we will have many more photo shoots with her in the future

During Covid the thought occurred to me that life is short and completely unpredictable. I started a conversation with Dena about a photo session with my husband to leave as a legacy to our children and grandchildren. The only problem was that as I have aged I have been more reluctant to put myself out there in front of a camera for fear of not liking what I see in the final result. Dena assured me that she knew what to do to insure that we were both pleased with the results. She built my confidence beforehand with advice on makeup, wardrobe changes for different backgrounds and locations, coached me on poses, hand and head positions and lighting. By the time the first 10-20 minutes went by of the shoot I had settled into my confidence and started to truly enjoy the time with my husband and having Dena behind the lens. My confidence soared and it is truly reflected in the photos. Dena is a master at her craft and I’m convinced we will have many more photo shoots with her in the future. I highly suggest that women of any age do a photo shoot with someone of Dena’s caliber to see yourself as the beauty that you are under any of the insecurities that we all tend to develop.

Lisa S.

Photos From The McCormick Personal Branding Photography Session Displayed With Her Review of Dena Rafte Photography

I thought to myself, "hey, not bad for 62, in fact pretty damn good for 62"

I hate having my picture taken. I am usually the one taking pictures of the family so that I don't have to be in them! To say that the session with Dena was transformational may be a bit dramatic, however I will say that it was incredibly fun and I really did feel good about the end result. As I looked through the photos, with the many wardrobe changes, I thought to myself, "hey, not bad for 62, in fact pretty damn good for 62". I treasure the photos Dena took of me. They make me feel beautiful and sexy . Bonus - my husband loves them too!

Aileen M.

Portfolio Of Family Photos Seen With. a Review Form The Photos Subject About The Best Photographer In Houston Texas Dena Rafte

Dena has taken so many great family photos for us

The ones that truly stand out for me are those with my father. There is one particular picture of my dad and me. It’s simple and beautiful, and each time I look at it, I feel the love we have for each other.

Suneeta R.

Tell Your Story. Feel Your Power.

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