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Family photography can be heart-warming, nostalgic, funny, and authentic. Let’s take one that you remember forever.


As your family photographer, my goal is to create photos for you to remember and memorialize for multiple generations. Whether it's for a festive family Christmas card or a snapshot of a family outing, these photos are crafted to be treasures that your family will hold dear and admire for many years to come.


Family photos capture special moments, keeping memories alive and telling the story of our unique bonds.

Dena Rafte is a family photographer fueled by a passion for people. She loves working with people to help them show their real colors and be vulnerable in front of the camera. Families are no different; whether you are the loud family or the quiet family, helping each personality show and feel comfortable is key to how Dena takes beautiful photos.


This type of storytelling photography is one of Dena's favorite styles. Dena loves when she has the opportunity to photograph two or three generations at the same time. Such as the Daughter, Mother, and Grandmother all together; it's absolutely magical as they interact, love, and share a glimpse into who they are as a family. Dena creates legacy pieces for families, family portraits that will be remembered for generations.

Specializing in these Family Portraits:

Outdoor Family Portrait in Houston


Review From Michelle From Family Portrait Photography Session With Portfolio From The Session

Dena Rafte has captured our family in photos for years

Whether working with a particular family member, or all of us at once, she makes everyone feel comfortable. She brings out the personalities of each individual she is photographing. The images she produces always show everyone looking relaxed and at their best. We are lucky we found her and have such a lovely record of our children as they have grown. Dena has photographed our most important family gatherings as well - 50th anniversary celebration, 80th birthday party. We remember these events fondly and will forever treasure the photographs. The best family photographer in Houston!

Michelle K.

Portfolio Of Family Photos Seen With. a Review Form The Photos Subject About The Best Photographer In Houston Texas Dena Rafte

Dena has taken so many great family photos for us

The ones that truly stand out for me are those with my father. There is one particular picture of my dad and me. It’s simple and beautiful, and each time I look at it, I feel the love we have for each other.

Suneeta R.

Photos Of Elizabeth For Her Review of Rafte Photography in Houston Texas

Dena Rafte…best photography ever!

Dena has done an incredible job for our holiday family photos, our daughter’s portraits and photos for my husband’s judicial campaign. But when it came to my personal photo session as a Christmas gift for my husband, I was a little nervous. Within a few minutes, I was having a blast! I felt relaxed, confident, strong and a bit sexy! She thinks out of the box and has an incredible way of bringing out the best in her clients! Dena doesn’t just take photos, she creates memories.

Elizabeth H.

Photo Collage From The Grace Family Photography Session

Dena has memorialized so many important moments in our lives

I think the first photo that I ever received from Dena was one of my son in preschool. Last year, she took senior photos of my daughter and my son’s business headshot. From birthdays to graduations, she has memorialized so many important moments in our lives. I am so grateful to have these pictures not only to reflect back but to look forward to sharing these with the generations to come. They are truly part of our family’s history.

Michele G.

The Oshman Photo Collage With Kids In Family Portrait

Dena thrives on the challenge and our family photos are a testament to her enthusiasm for the project

Family photographs are challenging. The photographer faces a range of ages and is charged with capturing the smiles of not just one, but often many individuals. Dena thrives on the challenge and our family photos are a testament to her enthusiasm for the project. We will treasure the moment in time she preserved for us and look forward to working with her again in years to come.

Tania O.

Dena is a fantastic photographer!

Dena is a fantastic photographer, not only because she has a great eye, but also because she has the ability to put her subjects at ease and elicit natural expressions. She is particularly good at working with teenagers and people who feel a little awkward posing for a camera. Dena has made our family photos for years, including our dog and has suggested super interesting locations. Dena has also made headshots in her studio for my husband and son for business and LinkedIn profiles. Having a good headshot is so important and Dena does an excellent job, particularly with touch-up work. Dena is a perfectionist and you can see it in her work.

Lisa M.

Each photo helps remind me of little things…things about my kids that I can savor forever

What I love about Dena’s photographs of my children are that she captures a moment, an age, a feeling, an emotion…a part of life that’s gone forever and impossible to reproduce in real life again. Each photo helps remind me of little things…things about my kids that I can savor forever.

Jane J.

Heart-Warming, Nostalgic and Authentic

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